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The MDSGC is Maryland's implementation arm of NASA's National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. It meets objectives through a wide variety of activities that target higher-education, research, fellowships, scholarships, and informal science education. Learn more about us


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MDSGC-supported students who have been working at internships in aerospace-related research this summer gave presentations on their results at the Morgan State University, School of Engineering Summer Research Symposium.  Dr. Terry Teays, the Assistant Director, gave the keynote talk.  Prizes, including a cash award provided by the Applied Physics Laboratory, were given for the best presentations.  MDSGC student, Daniel Villalobos won first place, with his talk,  AIRSPACESAir-propelled Instrumented Robotic Sensory Platform(s) for Assateague Coastline Environmental Studies.  Villalobos is a student at the University of Maryland College Park and was doing this research at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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MDSGC Balloon Payload Program

Image: Balloon Payload Program

Goal: to provide easy access to “near-space” for students who cannot afford a launch vehicle!

Learn more about the MDSGC BPP.

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