Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is the Lead Institution for MDSGC. The MDSGC offices are located on the Homewood Campus, as is the MDSGC Observatory. The Director and Deputy Director work at this location and serve as the representatives on the Program Committee. JHU is one of the premiere research institutions in the country. The institution receives scholarship funds from MDSGC and contributes representatives to the Scholarship Committee, as well as several members of the Oversight Committee.

Program Committee

Richard C. Henry
Director, MDSGC 

Matt Collinge
Deputy Director, MDSGC

Scholarship Committee

Cheryl Dillard-Ewing
Grants/Contracts Analyst

Matt Collinge
Deputy Director, MDSGC

Peter Wyatt
Associate Director, Student Financial Services

Marcel Jagne-Shaw
Assistant Director, Student Financial Services

Oversight Committee

Richard C. Henry
Director, MDSGC

Charles L. Bennett
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor and Director, Space@Hopkins

John P. Toscano
Vice Dean for Science & Research Infrastructure, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

T. E. “Ed” Schlesinger
Benjamin T. Rome Dean, Whiting School of Engineering

Denis Wirtz
Vice Provost for Research, Whiting School of Engineering

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