Message from the Founding Director

Richard Conn HenryMessage from the Founding Director

How lucky we all are to be alive in an epoch of unprecedentedly rapid expansion of human knowledge, and of such accelerating growth in our understanding of the Universe into which we were born—and also, to be teaching and learning at a time when access to learning is being actively expanded well beyond those constricted groups that—in the past—were encouraged to participate in the journey.

The US Congress, at the behest of the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen, created NASA Space Grant to spread the news and the learning throughout our nation, especially to groups that historically were largely excluded from such participation:  girls and women, as well as those Americans we call today underrepresented minorities.  Maryland Space Grant consortium is proud to focus on these goals in our work all across the state—from the eastern shore, to western Maryland.

Richard Conn Henry, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor and Founding Director, MDSGC

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