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Maryland Space Grant Consortium Website Privacy Statement

This policy establishes how Maryland Space Grant Consortium will use information we gather about you from your visit to our website. The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to Maryland Space Grant Consortium.

If you visit the Maryland Space Grant Consortium site...

1. To read or download information:

We may collect and store information for statistical purposes. For example, we may count the number of visitors to the different sections of our site to help us make them more useful to visitors. Similar information is gathered for anonymous ftp, remote account login, or for other comparable types of connections.

2. To send us an E-mail:

By sending us an electronic mail message, you may be sending us personal information (e.g., name, address, E-mail address), as in an official FOIA request. We may store the name and address of the requester in order to respond to the request or to otherwise resolve the subject matter of your E-mail.

3. To register:

Some of our sites ask visitors who request specific information to fill out a registration form. For example, vendors looking for marketing opportunities by visiting our Maryland Space Grant Consortium Acquisition Internet Service sites may be asked to "register" to obtain email notices of business opportunities. Other information which may be collected at these sites through questionnaires, feedback forms, or other means, enable us to determine a visitor's interests, with the goal of providing better service to our customers.

We want to be very clear: regardless of the information being transmitted to Maryland Space Grant Consortium, we will protect all such information consistent with applicable law.

Maryland Space Grant Consortium Website Disclaimer Statement

Thank you for visiting this Maryland Space Grant Consortium web site. Maryland Space Grant Consortium may provide links to web pages which are not part of the Maryland Space Grant Consortium web family, or Maryland Space Grant domain.

These sites are not under Maryland Space Grant Consortium control, and Maryland Space Grant Consortium is not responsible for the information or links you may find there. Maryland Space Grant Consortium is providing these links only as a convenience.

The presence of these links on any Maryland Space Grant Consortium website is not intended to imply Maryland Space Grant Consortium endorsement of that site, but to provide a convenient link to relevant sites which are managed by other organizations, companies, or individuals.

Maryland Space Grant Consortium Website Accessibility Statement

The pages on this website have been reviewed and revised to be accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with provisions of Section 508 of the Workforce Investment Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If you are having a problem accessing a Maryland Space Grant Consortium website please let us know and we will work to ensure accessibility. If you have any difficulty viewing any page with adaptive technology, click here to let us know.

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