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Mid-Atlantic Space Grant Meeting in Balitimore2008, September 14 - Mid-Atlantic Space Grant Meeting in Baltimore

This photo shows NASA Space Grant College and Fellowship Program manager Diane DeTroye at the podium during the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Space Grant meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. Standing with her is Mark Fischer, Executive Director of the National Space Grant Foundation and Terry Teays, Assistant Director, Maryland Space Grant Consortium. More news on the meeting can be found here.

2008, July 2 - MDSGC Scholarship Awardees Meet & Greet

The 2008 recipients of scholarships from the Maryland Space Grant Consortium will meet each other and hear about participating in other NASA education programs. This year the meeting will be at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

2002, September 9 - Arithmetic on the Brain

The ability to count may be hard-wired into the brain -- a basic mental ability on which the eventual mastery of arithmetic may rest, according to new research. Read More.

2002, August 20 - Test Your Skills as a 'Galaxy Hunter'

Journey to the deepest regions of space and wrestle with the cosmic giants called galaxies. In "Galaxy Hunter," students can go online and use actual data from the Hubble Space Telescope to study galaxies in deep space. Read More.

2002, August 20 - Hubble Hunts Down Binary Objects

The Hubble Space Telescope is hot on the trail of a puzzling new class of solar system object that might be called a Pluto "mini-me." Read More.

2002, August 20 - Maryland Space Grant Observatory - Open House

Observatory Open House is every Friday evening, WEATHER PERMITTING, starting at dusk. Please come and observe the stars and planets with us, on any Friday evening that looks like "clear skies." Read More.

2002, August 2 - Chesapeake Bay Watershed Initiative" (CBWI) Newsletter

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