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Parking for the STS 134 crew members visit:

Directions to Bloomberg Center for Physics & Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus

Driving from the north: On I-95 proceed south to the Baltimore Beltway (I-695).  Take the Beltway west (toward Towson) to Exit 25 (Charles Street).  Exit onto Charles Street, turning left onto the access road and left again onto Charles Street.  Follow Charles Street south for approximately 8 miles to University Parkway.  Turn right at the traffic light onto University Parkway.  At the next traffic light, turn left onto San Martin Drive. At the second parking lot entrance turn left again. Please follow the roadway around past the ROTC building to the Muller Lot.  Park in any space. Walk towards the large brick building (with a dome on the roof).  Take the walkway to the left and go around Bloomberg Center Building and down to the right, to the front of the Bloomberg building. You will enter on the second level of Bloomberg. Schafer Auditorium will be on the right, just before the NASA TV.

Driving from the west and north: Take I-83 (from the north) or I-70 (from the west) to the Baltimore Beltway (I-695).  Exit east toward Towson.  Take Exit 25 (Charles Street).  Keep right and follow Charles Street south as directed above.

Driving from the south: Take I-95 north.  Do NOT take the Harbor Tunnel or Baltimore Beltway exits.  Do take "395 North/Downtown" and "395 North/Inner Harbor."  I-395 will suddenly turn into a smaller city road.  At the first traffic light, turn right onto Conway Street.  Proceed two blocks to Charles Street and turn left onto it.  Follow Charles Street north for approximately 3 miles to University Parkway.  At the traffic light, turn left onto University Parkway and proceed as directed above.

Driving from US 40 East or West: Proceed to Charles Street.  Turn north onto Charles Street and follow above directions.

Googol maps view of Muller parking area

University Parkway is the main road running east-west.  San Martin Drive is highlighted in red, as is the turnoff for the Muller lot parking.  The gates will be up.  Take any parking space.  Bloomberg is the building adjacent to the parking lot to the south.  Note that this is the upper deck of the Muller lot.


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